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Spiritual Guidance
1:1 Spiritual Mentorship

60 min  /   125

120 min  /   240€

Finding Life Purpose   /  Opening Up Your Intuition / Letting Go Of Non-Aligned Relationships  /     Alignment  /   Clearing Energy Blocks   /   True Self-love    /   Finding Your Dharma  /  Healing  /  Body Image & Sexuality / Passion For Life / Love & Relationships  / Finding Everyday Magic & Joy / Creating Life That Looks And Feels Like You / Conscious Break Up / Finding Your Tribe / Finding Peace Of Mind / Better Sleep


These 1:1 sessions are especially suitable for those who want to activate their spiritual gifts, strengthen their connection to their soul, to the the Universe and to their soul’s greatest gifts and passions, move towards their dream life and get guidance on life’s big decisions and everyday choices. The purpose of these sessions is to raise your vibration, activate your own ability to tune into your own guidance and to strengthen your own intuition and connection to higher consciousness. Often clients get to realize what kind of energy they are vibrating at the moment and what they are creating in their life based on that energy. You might recognize if you have some energy blocks that is keeping you from manifesting your dreams or that are keeping you feeling stuck in life. To change your energy, thoughts and beliefs so it's really important that you are coming to this with open mind and heart.    You are welcome to ask guidance for questions related to all aspects of life, such as relationships, work, health or anything else and we'll then go and look at those subjects from the perspective of Higher Consciousness and you'll get clarity on what actual steps to take in your life towards you dream life.  Through these sessions, you will release energetic blocks and limiting beliefs and to get realizations that can direct your life into a new greater path that you might not even been able to dream of. These sessions will awaken your intuitive gifts for sure since actually the magic is inside of you already, I'm just here to help you remember and awaken those gifts.  My passion is to make your life and living in alignment as inspiring, fun and effortless as possible and give practical higher consciousness guidance for my clients that helps them make aligned life choices and take steps towards their dream life. 
Sessions primarily via phone/video calls. Payment: MobilePay, Invoice, PayPal. More info:
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